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New Earth Discussion

"I sat in today on your New Earth discussion at the Willingboro Public Library. I found it to be very reinforcing to my awareness. Your style is very soothing and warm. I enjoyed engaging in the discussion and look forward to future discussions with Ken Davis Coaching. Thank you for your energy and the opportunity to witness conscious power at work today; it was truly a treat to be in your team's presence. To the both of you, "Much Love, Peace & Respect" and keep waking folks up."

--Renee Mills Willingboro,

Spiritual Coach

"Ken is an Amazing spiritual coach. He connects personally with each individual and meets them where they are. I am blessed to be his group partner as members of iPEC's Ambassador Program. He inspires me to build my business through his captivating ability to share through story and metaphor. Ken is a role model for success because of his unwavering ability to focus on a goal and see it through to its manifestation."

--Danielle Jarkowski, CEC MREC

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